Future Mechanics

is an outsourcing R&D industrial laboratory that was created to implement future technologies and to help our customers to get adapted to fast changes of the 21st-century expectations. Our activities include research and development, prototypes creation and low-volume producing of the mechanical and electronic devices.

Digital, analog and power electronics

Digital, analog and power electronics

Microcontrollers, sensors, SoM, SoC

Microcontrollers, sensors, SoM, SoC

Electromotors, ICE, servo drives, generators

Electromotors, ICE, servo drives, generators

IT5 grade turning and milling

IT5 grade turning and milling

Dural, carbon fiber, glass fiber, steel, aluminum, teflon, polyacetal, polyurethane, silicone

Dural, carbon fiber, glass fiber, steel, aluminum, teflon, polyacetal, polyurethane, silicone

  • Concept modelling
  • Technologies sourcing
  • Risk mitigation technical audit
  • Hardware development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Product modification
  • Functional prototype
  • Low-volume manufacturing
  • Preparing for mass-production
The Future Mechanics R&D lab portfolio

Robotics and drones

  • Mechatronics (animatronics) of humanoid robot head (design + production)
  • Indoor precise positioning of a high-speed logistic robot (functional prototype)
  • Protective fast assembly frame of industrial quadcopter (design + production)
  • Two-rotor UAV of type “synchropter” prototype (design + production)
  • Quadcopter for tactical intelligence (core, optics, gimbal)
  • 3-axis UAV gimbal for thermal imager Pulsar HD 50s (design + production)
  • Hybrid (gas => electric) power plant for UAV (design + prototype)

Optical devices

  • External control for thermal imager module (design + prototype + production)
  • Update of thermal imager Pulsar (dust & water resistance, minor tuning)
  • Update of night vision device Sigal DS12 (battery compartment, power supply)
  • Robotization of lens (design + prototyping + production)

Monitoring and communication systems

  • Third-party eye-tracking technology without the need to calibrate (research + prototype)
  • Human thermo asymmetry monitoring technology (research + functional prototype)
  • Outdoor GPRS logger with weather sensors (design + production)
  • Outdoor 3G router of roads state data (electronic part)
  • Personal 4G radio station for military service (technical design)

Industrial solutions

  • LED system for industrial growing facilities (research + design + prototype)
  • Recording studio stereo frequency isolator | crossover (functional prototype)
  • 3D milling machine – portal router, NCStudio and K-Flop CNC racks (design + production)
  • CNC Software for low-qualified personnel. “Turning Task Solution” (design + production)
  • Collapsible trolley for water tank (design)
  • Electric gym machine (proof of concept design + prototype)


  • Bracelet with fidget / spinner / clicker etc. in it (design + production)
  • Interactive stands using pneumatics, water and fire for scientific museum (design + production)

Current projects

  • Club 2-channel rotary DJ mixer (design + production)
  • Door handle with automatic disinfection (design + prototype)
  • Interactive swing & waterfall attraction (production)
  • Soft & precision fingers of humanoid robot (design + prototype)
  • Soiling measurement station (design)
  • Exoskeleton for astronauts (research + design)
  • DMX servo powering hub for animatronics (design + production)

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